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                                                       “My Life: Broken but made whole"

My name is Nanette Jeremie I am 27 years of age and I have been living with rheumatoid arthritis for 11 years. At first it was not easy at all. I was still at school and very much an active girl in all school activities. Sadly, I saw myself having to quit all my energetic school activities to the point of even quitting school. I was without hope and unwilling to face another day. Each day was a nightmare until I met Jesus. From this day on, things started to change.

I vividly remember how I got the chance to attend a post secondary institute. I started to have hope for I had come to know that with Jesus there WILL be a better tomorrow. Of course, this did not mean that everything was rosy, but I had someone to hold onto and a strength from above. I knew he would never let me down. I started to see life in another perspective.

However, challenges did not leave me so suddenly as I recall a time when I was struggling to swallow my food and was not able to eat for a whole month. Praise be to God that I had my brothers and sisters in Christ to support me in prayer. Jesus took care of me.

My illness grew worst and my knee joint and hip joint were worn off because of it. I could not walk. It was too painful. My joints were rubbing against each other. I needed a replacement surgery for both. It was not possible for me to be operated on in Seychelles so we prayed and started to send some letters to some organizations for a sponsor so that we could go abroad. God did not take long to answer, soon my husband and I where in Sri Lanka where I had my surgery. It was a painful experience but I thank God for His wonderful gift in the person of my Godly and loving husband. He has been there for me ever since we met. He is not perfect but he loves me as I am and takes very good care of me. God is so good that he has blessed us with a second trip to Sri Lanka for another surgery.

I challenge the youth of today to take Jesus as your personal saviour. Now, I can face tomorrow for I know Jesus is alive! Give Him all your trouble, trust in him, remember Him in everything you do and He will show you the right way to go. As for me and my husband our lives are in his hands!!

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